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Morocco Translation has a worldwide team of experts in all aspects of translation, interpretation, and localization services. Our mission is to help our clients bring their products and services to world markets faster and at less cost.
At Morocco Translation, we pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with our clients to understand their current and long-term globalization needs. While we become experts on your products and global business goals, you take advantage of over 15 years of translation,  interpretation and localization experience.
Whether you are launching a software product and localized Website in Europe, translating technical documentation and marketing materials for the the African Market, or looking to market your products or services to new customers worldwide using the latest in e-commerce technology, Morocco Translation can help you reach your customers in the global market.
No other local or regional translation, interpretation and localization company can match Morocco Translation’s breadth of expertise or depth of resources:

Translation & localization | Documents & Content

Document Translation

Access to professional resources in over 50 language markets, with full translation technology support: Cloud-based Translation, CAT tools, Translation Memories, Term-bases classified by domain such Legal, medical, Financial, Technical…,

Website Translation

Translation of websites, and Web-based portals for enterprises, organizations and public entities.

Software, Apps. & Web Localization

Language and technical resources applied to the localization of applications, software products and Web sites including translation, rebuilding or HTML/ASP rendering, testing and reloading.

Multimedia Localization

Translation, subtitling, audio dubbing, testing and building of multimedia products such such videos of documentaries, films and series.

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