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Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Morocco

Morocco Translation offers conference equipment rentals and  Simultaneous Interpretation equipment for conferences, meetings and seminars. Our services are available in Morocco and throughout the Middle East & Africa (MEA) region to support the conference needs of our global clients and international events.

Morocco Translation is the leading provider of translation and interpretation equipment in Morocco. Our systems includes the latest digital technologies in both portable interpretation systems used for guided tours, as well as simultaneous interpretation systems used in conference rooms, seminars and training workshops. Morocco Translation provides all  conference services and rental needs including translation, interpretation booths, simultaneous interpretation systems in both radio frequency (RF), and infrared technologies (IR), tabletop microphones, conference microphones, wireless microphones, audiovisual equipment, projectors, event recording, transcription services, print services, simultaneous interpretation services, real-time captioning and subtitling. Our translation and interpretation services support over 100 languages for all global events in Morocco and throughout Africa. Morocco Translation’s digital interpretation equipment can seamlessly support and switch between up to 12 languages simultaneously offering the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of language combinations and audiences. Our conference services include:

  • Conference Equipment Rentals

  • Program Planning and Coordination

  • Audio Visual Services

  • Translation Services

  • Interpretation Services

  • Printing Services

  • Project Management

  • Onsite Support Staff

  • Technical Support

  • Logistics and Transportation

  • Guided Tours


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Simultaneous Interpretation Morocco