Morocco Simultaneous Interpretation

Morocco Translation offers high-level Simultaneous Interpretation for conferences, meetings and seminars in Morocco and in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) region for global clients and international events.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation allows a meeting or conference to be conducted in two or more languages without delays. In Simultaneous Interpretation, the speaker’s words are interpreted at the same time he or she is speaking. Delegates listen to the language of their choice via headsets connected to multichannel wireless receivers. In Simultaneous Interpretation, interpreters work in teams of at least two. Due to the high level of concentration necessary to interpret at the same time as the speaker, the interpreters take turns interpreting for about 20-30 minutes at a time. While one interpreter is interpreting, the other is carefully listening to the proceedings, ready to assist his or her partner whenever necessary.

Simultaneous Interpretation is often used for international business meetings, conferences, trainings, media broadcasts and bilingual and multilingual events, and it usually requires specialized equipment (headsets, interpretation booths, etc.) and engineers for installation and monitoring. Morocco Translation works closely with its clients to provide and manage the logistics of interpretation equipment including placement and installation of the equipment, equipment security and technical monitoring during the conference.

Advantages of Simultaneous Interpretation:

  • It allows for the most efficient use of time. The meeting schedule is not affected since no additional time is required for the interpretation.
  • Interpretation of speeches is delivered without interruption, thus retaining the effectiveness and flow of the speaker’s presentation.
  • It is an essential platform when multiple languages are being spoken at the same meeting.
  • It is the most advanced interpretation method available and it is impressive to foreign delegates.

Why Choose Morocco Translation Interpreters?

A simultaneous interpreter must have an absolute command of the target and the source languages, the ability to interpret instantaneously and accurately, and the knowledge of specialized terminology. Morocco Translation interpreters possess all of these skills due to our rigorous screening and qualifying process. Many of our conference interpreters are members of prestigious interpreter organizations such as ATA, AIIC and TAALS.


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