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Localization is the process by which multiple language versions of your product are created. The goal is to develop a foreign language edition that appears to your target customers to have been originally developed in their native language.

Localization is a complex process involving many steps:

  • Evaluation of original content based on the needs and expectations of your target consumer
  • Reviewing target market to identify local linguistic and environmental requirements
  • Analyzing product to determine the areas to be adapted
  • Extracting text and other linguistic or culturally sensitive material
  • Translating and all texts including graphics
  • Reengineering the core product to accept the new foreign market content (e.g., do buttons need to be resized to fit the new text?)
  • Testing new foreign market editions to ensure they meet performance standards of domestic product

Morocco Translation professionals are most experienced in localization projects having worked on many of the industry’s largest efforts. We will apply this knowledge toward designing and managing a custom localization program for your products. Our team can help accelerate this process for you, enabling you to enter new markets faster and with a greater degree of confidence that your product is ready to meet the unique demands of new customers.

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