Cultural Research

TransCultures offers Cultural Market Research for the market research community. Cultural Research describes the process by which products and supporting materials are evaluated within a target market to identify and compensate for any potential cultural barriers, prior to launch, that may otherwise inhibit success. There are far too many examples of product launches gone awry simply because the product name, or supporting media was not properly vetted in the target country. TransCultures recognizes this exposure and has developed a cultural assessments service to help clients reduce this risk.

Cultural assessments are comprised of several elements:

  • Cultural point-of-view analysis to uncover any historical, social or commercial conflicts
  • In-country cultural focus groups to measure the readiness of your products and supporting content to enter new markets
  • Brand polling to measure the current level of integrity and suitability of your brand in the target markets
  • Testing brand perceptions to identify any unwanted cultural connotations associated with your images, colors, etc.

TransCultures has the resources in place to deliver a true local market assessment of your brand. Before you develop the sales channels and spend the money on an expensive advertising campaign, let us help you understand how your brand or product will be perceived by your target consumer.