Consecutive Interpretation reduces language barriers in communicating effectively with a foreign clients, partners or business prospects. Morocco Translation helps clients communicate effectively using the latest equipment and technologies and our  network of highly qualified, consecutive interpreters for any language, at any time and any place. We can accommodate any request, from common languages such as Spanish or English to rare languages such as Berber or Chinese.

What is Consecutive Interpretation?

Consecutive Interpretation is the process of rendering the interpreted message where the interpreter serves as an intermediary between two speakers. Each speaker pauses after every few sentences or a complete idea to allow time for the interpreter to render the speaker’s remarks into the other language. In addition to terminology, our professional interpreters are trained in additional skills such as special note taking, and memory techniques which enables them to  render longer interpreted passages accurately and with the intended tone. Consecutive Interpretation is commonly and best used for situations involving a small number of people such as court hearings, depositions, press-conferences, business meetings and negotiations, medical appointments, tours, informal meetings.

Consecutive interpreters are used for assignments such as depositions, hearings, general medical appointments, escort/tours, and escort/trade shows. For these types of interpretation assignments, the speaker speaks two or three sentences in the source language and pauses. During the pause, the Moroccan interpreter relays the speaker’s statements to a third party in the target language. The conversation continues back and forth between the two parties, with the interpreter as the intermediary.

Advantages of Consecutive Interpretation:

  • It is an ideal platform for involved discussions, meetings and negotiations. Through Consecutive Interpretation, participants are given an opportunity to reflect on the conversation as it is happening, which is a great communication tool when the speakers speak different languages and come from different cultures.
  • It is excellent for small groups when only one language or one speaker requires interpretation.
  • It is convenient for meetings held in multiple locations such as teleconferences and video conferences.
  • It is cost-efficient. Consecutive Interpretation requires fewer interpreters and often no equipment or technical personnel are needed.

Why Choose Morocco Translation Interpreters?

Morocco Translation uses rigorous screening, testing and training procedures to ensure that our Moroccan interpreters have the skills necessary to provide successful communication to our clients. Our Morocco interpreters are required to have an excellent command of the source and target languages, extensive knowledge of appropriate terminology, awareness and tactful execution of diplomacy, superb note-taking skills and an exemplary memory. Many of our Moroccan interpreters are state and nationally or internationally certified and are members of prestigious interpreter organizations in Morocco and abroad such as NAJIT and ATA. ATAJ, AIIC.

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