Morocco Multimedia Production

Multimedia Production: Subtitling, Voice-overs, Dubbing

 Morocco Translation provides multimedia production services for major Hollywood studios. We have worked on both commercials and feature films and have subtitled more than 100 featured films, shows, documentaries for major production companies. Multimedia production is a complementary service Morocco Translation offers with traditional content localization and translation services. We recognize that in today’s global, digital economy, straight text is not the only communication vehicle used by our clients. Increasing amounts of content are in video, audio, flash technology and presentation formats. This content has global appeal, but in many instances it cannot be understood by a multilingual global audience. Transforming this intellectual capital into reusable, multilingual formats enables you to expand your reach and improve your return on investment.

Our multimedia offerings encompass a variety of areas:

  • Voice-overs
  • Subtitling
  • Dubbing
  • Real-time interpretation

Whether it is training materials for your global employees or a high-impact client presentation,or a movie intended for global audiences, your message will have a greater impact when it is delivered in the target audience’s native language. Get more leverage from your investment in these valuable source materials by making them a truly global resource.

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